What does Advance Purchase mean?

An Advance Purchase rate is discounted by 15% off the Flexible Rate. However it means that payment is taken upon making the booking and is not refunded upon cancelling your booking. It also means you cannot amend your booking by changing dates or rquest toi cancel and recive a refund.

What does a Flexible Rate mean?

Standard Rate means that no payment will be taken until 48 hours before your arrival, cancellation is free of charge before 48 hours of your day of arrival. Once the Free Cancellation period has ended the hotel will process your payment and from this point you can no longer amend your booking.

Can I cancel my booking?

This depends on the rate that you chose when booking, Advance Purchase does not allow you to cancel free of charge. A Flexible Rate allows you to cancel free of charge up until 48 hours before your check in time. Free cancellation or Credit Notes will be issued at the managers descression

Can I move my booking?

If you have booked the Flexible Rate you can move your booking up until 48 hours before arrival after that it is locked in. On an Advance Purchase rate you can ask Reception who will try and assist you but we can not guarantee we can move it.

Can i pay on arrival?

For us to create a booking we need to take payment or schedule the payment. The only way we can take payment on arrival is if you were making the booking at the same time. We do require payment up front so that we can prepare all the paperwork for your arrival

Can I upgrade my room?

If you would like to upgrade to a larger room or a Seaview and there is one available the reception team will simply charge you the difference whilst keeping you on the same rate you booked on.

Do I need to provide Card Details?

Yes. We will check before we check you in that we have a valid card on file. This is encrypted and safely secured under PCIE Compliance by our system and deleted after you check out and we follow all credit card compliance laws.

Do I need to show ID?

On arrival you will be required to fill in a Registration Form with your contact details. A Receptionist may ask for ID to collaborate your form.

How old do I have to be to check in?

We expect at least one adult (over the age of 18) to be in every room. If you are accompanying minors that you do not have parental or guardian responsibility for, then we ask to contact the parents for permission for them to be there.

Are you wheelchair accesible?

We do not advertise ourselves as wheelchair friendly. Being an old Georgian Building, we are limited and 2 out of our 3 lifts do not fit wheelchairs. However we have adapted 5-10 Rooms to be as wheelchair accessible as we can. Please speak to us before you arrive and we will see what accomodations we can make.

Do you accept Dogs?

We do accept Dogs. There is a £10 charge per night. Please check with our Reception Team before booking more than 1 dog in a room. We do require that dogs are supervised at all times.

Do you have Balconies?

We do have balconies. However planning permission rescinded permission to Weymouths entire Seafront for the balconies as they no longer are considered to pass health and safety checks. We do not advertise balconies and we ask that guests do not go onto the balconies during their stay.

If I book several rooms, can I have them near each other?

We will always do our best to allocate group bookings near each other. However if you booked room types that are not physically near each other then we wouldn't be able to do this. If it is important you are near each other then please book over the phone and make the member of staff aware of this during the call.

Do you service rooms daily?

Since COVID, the majority of the Industry have stopped servicing rooms daily. However we do not want to sacrifice good service. So whilst we will not be automatically servicing your room, please ask us the night before to schedule it for the next day if you do requirea service, We also have additional amenties avalible to guests

Do you have a restaurant?

Yes not only do we have a large Restaurant but we also have an outside Garden. We serve breakfast daily from 8am-10am. From 10am-5pm there will be Bar Staff on during busy periods but if at any time you do not see a member of the Bar Staff then ask at reception and a member of the team will be able to serve you

What is Escape Dungeons?

Escape Dungeons is our very own escape rooms located in the dungeons of The Jubilee Hotel. Escape rooms is a experience for you to try and ecsape a room within the given hour, using the puzzles and clues to make your escape.

Do you have Entertainment?

Entertainment is subject to availability but we do hire an Entertainment Manager and we try to have some form of Entertainment each night between 8.30-11pm. The weeks Entertainment Programme will be advertised on the Reception on the day.

How far are you away from town?

You can see the Town centre from our steps and we are one bus stop away. It is 0.4 miles away, and just a nice leisurely stroll down the seafront.

Can I reserve parking?

Sadly, no. Parking is first come, first served. However the majority of the time guests get the parking they want. On arrival the Reception Team will offer you all the available options and you can choose what suits you the best.

How close to the train station are you?

The train station is just a block behind The Esplanade, it's a short 0.3 mile walk or about £4 in a taxi.